Exploring two futures

An interactive storybook about four girls across the globe.


How will their lives unfold? How do our decisions impact their futures?


What might happen this century on Earth? Earth4All uses system dynamics models to show how different policies are likely to affect human wellbeing, societies and the planet this century.

We combined the best available science with new economic thinking. We found that the next ten years must see the fastest economic transformation in history if we want to steer humanity away from social and ecological catastrophe.

Too Little Too Late

Societies continues the same destructive course of pollution, high fossil fuel use and inequality as today. Some countries set incremental goals. But really there is weak collective action. Wealth inequality deepens. This fuels a rise in social tensions hindering efforts to address climate and ecological risks.

Global temperature increase reaches 2.5°C by 2100 putting the stability of the earth system at risk. This leads to further social tensions as the poor are left behind. Wellbeing declines globally, and it takes until 2100 to eradicate extreme poverty.

A Giant Leap

By enacting 5 extraordinary turnarounds, and taking transformative action now, it is possible to stabilise temperatures below 2°C, maintain the world population below 9 billion people, reduce material use, and end extreme poverty by 2050.

In this scenario, social tension falls, inequality is reduced, and wellbeing rises. With more trust, governments are empowered to take long-term decisions that benefit the majority of people.


Follow the stories of Ayotola, Carla, Samira and Shu as we see their lives unfold under both The Too Little Too Late and Giant Leap scenarios.

Earth for All

A Survival Guide for Humanity
In 2022, the results of the two-year research project were published in a book. Now available in multiple languages including English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Swedish.


Dive deeper into the stories of the girls and step into the world of the Giant Leap